Sunday, 16 September 2012

Just got a new obsession: sea urchins

I mean, I've seen pics of sea urchin shells before and found them very pretty, but for some reason it wasn't until last night that I fell head over heel in love with them. I'm just totally fascinated by the shape, texture and colours now. They're so delicate and irresistable.

Before, I've mostly seen sea urchin spikes as jewellery materials, but now it's the shells (or tests, as it's also called) that have me captivated. As seen on my new sea urchin pinboard.

People all over the world seem to find sea uchins along the coastlines, but I have never seen even one around here. Are there no urchins on the beaches I visit (which, it could be added, are lining a bay and maybe sea urchins are found further out in the sea) or is it just that I look in the wrong place? From what I've read people have found them on or near the beach, not always diving for them but just picking them up. I find lots of seashells, stones, driftwood, trash, dead jellyfish (not that I pick that up!), seaweed, feathers, coins and occasionally some sea glass, but no sea urchins.

Not buying any right now as there are so many things I want to buy (and a very limited budget...), but sea urchins will go on my wishlist now.


  1. Lovely pinboard. I've got two sea urchins from Greece. I even stepped on some in the water. Ouch! Maybe there aren't any sea urchins along the Swedish coasts?

    1. Thanks! I was thinking that too, but know I've heard of sea urchins, reading books on what can be found in the waters here as a kid. Checked it up and it looks like only ten of the ca 950 sea urchin species can be found in swedish waters, especially on the west coast and e.g. around Kullaberg (the ridge on the other side of the bay, which can be seen in many of my photos). But maybe I need to get closer to the deeper waters. And I don't know how common they are. Seems like they're more common in other waters.


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