Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Meowy Mond... Tuesday!

I was so thrilled about having a properly working camera again yesterday that I forgot to post pics of my little sweethearts! So this week it's a Meowy Tuesday.

The theme of the day is a backlit Ullegull. A sometimes blurry Ullegull as we took these pics while the kittens were playing. Some of the pics -- like the first one above -- were taken by my sis, not me, as we alternated between being the photographer and the person luring the cats back in front of the camera with long straws of grass. Not all pics turned out great, but there's a lot of action in many of them.


  1. Ha ha ha! I missed M.M. but when I read your enthusiastic post I understood there was a reason why there were no cat pics. I really wanted you to find the camera you like. The kitties are just too cute. And versatile, being models, assistants and even the reason why you have a "new" camera. You really needed a new camera.


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