Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Autumn colours

We finally got a sunny day so I got the camera (and a bunch of cats) and got out in the garden to take a few pics. It ended up being mostly leaves, but then again, those colourful leaves are the symbol of autumn, aren't they?

The two first photos are close-ups of horse chestnut leaves. Had some problems taking these photos as two cats -- Ullegull and Julle -- where trying to get my attention by buffing my arms and the camera. They didn't like it a bit that an old leaf was more important than them!

 Please don't ask me what the name of the bush is. I have no idea... Pretty-red-and-green bush, perhaps?

Autumn isn't just about leaves and berries. There are a few flowers that bloom late in the season too. Aster, mum, tagetes and heather are a few. I found a purple aster.


  1. Beautiful photos. I love the aster. There are many colours in the autumnal palette, as you wrote in a former post. I think the cats are thinking about your newest feature Meowy Monday wanting to be the next one presented. Milka

    1. *haha* well, it's hard to get photos of them when they're that close. Haven't picked out photo(s) for tomorrow yet, but it might end up with Julle being featured again. Or I'll show my feeble attempt at getting all the cats in one pics. Which required bribes -- and I still didn't get them all in on spot!


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