Saturday, 20 October 2012

Gesso texture

A quick "oh-by-the-way post" here. Remember the ribbon I mentioned here? One way I thought of using it was as a stencil. Well, I tried that as you can see above. Gesso applied on cardboard (painted black using a permanent marker) with a paper towel while manually holding the ribbon in place probably wasn't the best combo of materials and techniques for this, but it still result in an interesting texture. A texture filled with unwanted tiny air bubbles, but still a nice result.

Next time I'll either use stencil glue on the ribbon or use another paint, e. g. spray paint, and see if that works better.

Now the big question is just what to do with it. Or rather, not with this particular sample, but more in general what to do with this kind of gesso texture. Could it be applied to a pendant? Or could it be used for backgrounds? Should it be used as it is or maybe painted, brushed with chalk, rubbed with metallic wax, crackled or in any other way altered or manipulated first?

Many questions that I'm not even going to start thinking about at the moment as I'm focusing on some other samples and it's just way too easy to get side-tracked. But I thought it was a nice first result and worth showing today when I don't have anything better to write about anyway.

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