Saturday, 6 October 2012

Bead blog recap weeks 38-40

Pages from La broderie perles by Yukiko Ogura

I'm so rubbish at remembering my Manekis pärlblogg summaries! Probably should go back to posting every weekend again... Anyway, here's what I've been writing on my blog for beaders and jewellery makers the last three weeks.

This time you'll find challenges, german pearl exhibits, bead embroidery, bead shop map help wanted, cakes and more -- and a note on the fact that I've now written over 1 500 posts on Manekis pärlblogg!

1 500 published posts
I reached the 1500th blog post this week. Hopefully there'll be at least 1500 more in the future.

October challenges
The usual round-up of october challenges and monthly contests.

New category: exhibitions
I've got a new category again after having mentioned a number of museum and gallery exhibits. Will still add them to the history and culture category too, though.

German pearl jewellery history exhibit
Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (Schwarzwald/Blackforest, Germany) will open a new exhibit exploring pearls in the history of jewellery later this month. The museum is located near Schmuckwelten where you can experience the world of gems, minerals and jewellery.

Stareyes' bead soup challenge
Swedish bead shop Stareyes has begun hosting bead soup challenges/swaps. First theme is harvest time.

Bead embroidery on prints
Discusses beading on printed and patterned fabrics.

Book review: La broderie de perles
Review of Yukiko Ogura's bead embroidery book. A review in english can be found here on Wild roses.

Sugar bracelets
Learn how to make sugar bracelets -- a fun twist on leather bracelets using an interesting ladder stitch variation.

October bead palette
This palette have, as usual, also been posted on this blog.

Help wanted for the bead shop map
I need help to keep the map of swedish brick-and-mortar bead shops up to date.

International Bead Award 2013
It's time to start working on your entries for next year's IBAs. This year, the theme is Mix It, combining the new and the old.

Boost the patina with ink
I'm no good at all at sharing tips from Wild roses on Manekis pärlblogg, but here's one small tip from my "english" blog.

Hobby income
An introduction to all you need to know in order to sell beads and jewellery on a hobby basis. Criterias used by the tax agency, how and where to declare the income etc.

Glow-in-the-dark beads and supplies
Tips on what kind of GITD beads and other jewellery-related supplies can be found.

Jaspis that isn't jaspis
Stones are sometimes sold under trade names or mistakenly labelled a type of mineral it isn't. Here's an incomplete lists of stones sold as jaspis, but which aren't that. And some examples of stones that are jaspis, but sold under other names.

Lace crowns
How to make painted, plain and/or embellished crowns from starched lace. An alternative to crocheted crowns.

Bead-It-Forward quilt project 2013
Bead for a cure when participating in the international bead quilt project. The theme this year is Flowers: stitching to find a bloomin'  cure.

Jewellery-themed cakes
Beautiful art with pearl- and jewel-encrusted cakes. Inspired by jewellery-related sunday sweets on Cake Wrecks.

Jewelry Haiku Generator
Read haikus on jewellery, jewellery-making and beads on the Rio Grande blog.

Turn post earring into clip-ons
There's a special earring finding that will convert earring posts into clip-ons.

Gorgeous agate cameos
Rio Grande is now selling some beautiful agate cameos, featuring designs by Mucha and


  1. Thanks for showing one more project from the lovely Japanese bead embroidery book. And the Haiku generator is very funny!

    1. I think this project is prettier than the one that ended up in the review. Just went with the other one as it was such a good example of the various photos in the book. But in the end I wanted to show this pattern too.

    2. This is one of my favourite wildflowers. Not just beautiful, it is called "cat's bell" in Finnish. Just imagine cats wearing wreaths of these as necklaces, and the sound of the little bells, warning birds and mice for the hunter. This motif is prettier and more versatile than the other one, which looks a bit like elegant wallpaper. I'm going to order this book from France. I appreciate your book reviews.

    3. Thanks, I'm glad you like the reviews! And I hope you'll enjoy the book!


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