Monday, 15 October 2012

Meowy Monday: Cat photo of the week

I'm afraid I'm a tad busy today so it'll only be one measly cat photo today.

In this photo, my sis and I tried to fit all the kitties into one group shot. It didn't go smoothly exactly... Of all the photos this was the best one, which probably says something about our success rate.

In order to try and get all the cats in one place, we waited for them to get hungry and then lured them out with some cat food -- forgetting, in the process, that it'd mean a lot of tails and bums and not so many cute faces on the photos... If you know something about our cats, you'll probably miss Randa who wasn't even home at the time. But there's a Rostan in the door, behind Mimi.

It's a bit sad looking at a group photos because it's not only the joy of seeing all my sweethearts together, it's also seeing the ones missing. Seeing the ones that ought to be there, but aren't. Missing e.g. the glimpse of fluffy white fur, a pitchblack face big big eyes looking up at you or a dusty grey striped tail in the air.  Those who got ill, had accidents, vanished or ran away, lost from our lives forever.

But of cause it's not just melancholy that I feel, the shadows of all that happened this summer and autumn. More than that, I laugh at how uncooperative the cats were, smile at the cuteness of each tail and nose -- and, not least, feel the happiness and sense what a wonderful gift they are in my life. Cats can cause so much mischief and ruin your favourite things. They can fight each other (not all cats enjoy living in a multi-cat home) and hurt their humans (physically: they have claws and teeth and use them if they have to). But still there's nothing they can ever do that'll make you stop loving them and caring for them. They bring so much joy and laughter and companionship. If you have a cat, you're a very lucky person indeed!


  1. Aww, kitties! They're adorable.

    I feel the same way about dogs. Growing up, my dogs got into so much trouble and ate tons of things they shouldn't, but they were still my best friends ever. <3

  2. Here, kitty kitty...kitties! I believe that cats and kittens have healing power. Milka

  3. Herding cats is really like herding cats.LOL Anna

  4. They are adorable. I have 4 cats and 2 dogs and I love them all. They are wonderful loving companions, and my heart is full of pawprints :-)

  5. Thanks, everyone! Haven't given up on getting a photo with all the cats in, even if a simple collage would be so much easier. One day!


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