Wednesday, 3 October 2012

October bead soup palette

For October, I wanted to do a mix in seasonal colours. Again it's a very simle mix with only three colours, but to add some depth and variation, you can add different nuances of the colours shown here.

As in the May palette, the main focus is pink and orange, but in darker shades and with a touch of green to go with it.  So many of the palettes have had pink or red in them that I'm now trying to not use it for the next few months -- not sure it'll work though as the December soup I'm working on turned out to match some pink beads I have... Don't ask me how it happened: pink isn't even a favourite colour of mine!

Pink might not be the first colour that comes to mind when hearing the word autumn colours, but it a colour you can find in this season. Be it dark rose heather or salmon pink autumn leaves. Pink as an autumn colour is something I've written about in two previous blog posts here and here.

I mixed glass and amber in this mix, which really was just because I was using what I found in the stash. You can find lots of amber and topaz glass beads to substitute the more expensive amber or you can make a more luxurious version using gemstones instead of the glass beads, e. g. ruby and olivine or turmaline (which can be found in pink, green and many other hues -- including amber-ish colours of dravite). If you prefer burgundy/wine to fuchsia, you could create a mix of just amber as it can be found in burgundy to maroon hues and olive green colours as well as the classical orange-brown.


  1. I like the idea with color palettes, and they inspire me to create my own mixes with beads from my stash. I also like to start out with your suggestions. It's a challenge to use colors I didn't choose myself.

    1. Yes, colour palettes are both inspiring and challenging. It's a challenge to make them too. Not just because I just have so many colours of beads that go together, but because I have to think of so many different colour combos to try and avoid showing just variations of one or two personal favourites... But it's still fun.


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