Monday, 22 October 2012

Meowy Monday: Cat photo of the week

Today it's all about Jinja. She and Ullegull followed me around when I took the photos shown yesterday and I thought it might be her turn in the spotlight this week. Not counting Ullegull, who's still a kitten, she's our smallest cat and hence we often call her Lillgumman or Lilla stumpan (could be translated as "little sweetie" or some such).

 It was hard to make her look at the camera -- and when she did, she looked rather irritated... A sort of "god, you're annoying with that camera" look on her face.

That nick in the right ear is one she got already as a kitten (well, she's just barely an adult now) when playing with her brothers. Or if they were playing with her. One of them simply got a claw stuck in her ear and they pulled away from each other. Ouch!


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