Monday, 1 October 2012

Meowy Monday: Cat photo of the week

I didn't plan to dedicate yet another monday to Ullegull, but then when I got out the camera in order to take a couple of pics of something completely different, this happened.

The cats, particularly Jinja and Julle, like to jump up on the trellis by one of the entrances to one of our gardens. This day, Ullegull saw Jinja jumping up and he wanted to follow. Unfortunately, he found it a bit more difficult due to his size and the gap between the porch railing and the trellis was a tad too wide for him. But he didn't give up. First he just tried to peek through it (to look at me, standing under it in an effort to get a pic of Jinja above me), pushing his head into one of the openings in the it. It looked so cute, but I'm afraid my photo was a fraction of a sec too late as he started to withdraw the head.

On the second try, he managed to get up on the trellis side, as you can see in the first photo. He had his own way of getting up on top, though, weaving his body through the gaps on the side and top of the trellis. In the first pic you can see the path he plans to take just by following his eyes. It looked cumbersome compared to climbing on the outside as the other cats do so I tried to help, but he insisted he was going to do this his own way. (Silly me forgot to get a pic of him once he triumphantly walked on top of it!)

To get a better picture of exactly what it was Ullegull wanted to scale, here's another pic I took a few days ago with Jinja and Jisse on the trellis.

With all the trees and bushes (and the phone poles, as seen here), they still find the trellis on of the favourite outdoor "climbing tower".


  1. What a cat-friendly garden you have. So interesting how Ullegull solved the climbing problem. Cats can be really stubborn. I love the pic where he is peeking through the trellis and the nasturtium.Milka

    1. One fun thing about Ullegull's attempt was also that he wouldn't really let me help him. He's a big boy now. At least he thinks so...

      Most of the wooden garden features like the swing and this trellis are indoors now, but they still have all the trees and cement flower drums etc to play on/in.


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