Sunday, 2 December 2012

Advent snow

I asked for more snow and I got it! And not too much either, which is usually what happens when you wish for something that can be overdone. It snowed all evening yesterday, but such a gentle snowfall that it's on avarage less than a decimetre of snow on the ground.

And the first snow of cause means I had to grab the camera and go for a walk. No cats this time. When I'm on my own I don't actively encourage to cats to tag along (more likely I do the opposite and lock them indoors so they won't follow me) as herding a bunch of playful young cats safely across a road really is a two-man job.

Glimpses from the garden. I like the leaves in the second pic: they had all curled up so they captured the falling snow.

On the hillside there were a lot of dried grass and flowers that peeked through the snow. This grass was very delicate and looked so pretty against the snow.

We've got some really interesting-looking old oak in the grove on the hill. This above is one of them.

 More views from the garden. In the last pic you see the remains of the ferns shown in earlier posts.

To finish, a photo I actually misinterpreted myself. When I uploaded it and glanced at it I thought it was snow on the ground, but it's clouds in the sky.

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