Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The not-so-violet violets brooch

I just realised I've never shown this brooch on this blog. Not that it's such a masterpiece it just had to be featured, it's just that it's a little brooch that I enjoyed making years ago. And it has a good idea for all newbies at bead embroidery who want to bead a pendant, brooch or similar: using larger beads will make it much faster. In this case, it also makes the brooch more lightweight as I used mainly acrylic components.

For this brooch, which has a black felt base, I used acrylic/lucite flowers and leaves, pushing a few smaller florals under the violets to fill out the space.  I then added a backing and pin and covered the edges with Toho marbled seeds.


  1. I got some bead backing for Xmas! We are visiting some relatives and my sister has promised me to dive deep into her bead the best ones. The bead backing was, of course, a gift from her. Your brooch is so pretty and the flowers are lovely. Milka

    1. Thank you! Beads and supplies are the best gift, especially when they come from someone that knows you and your style.


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