Thursday, 13 December 2012

The 'Swedish brick-and-mortar bead shops' map is revamped -- and got a new home

The bead shop map (Pärlbutikskartan) have been an almost constant source of guilt as I haven't felt I had the time and energy to keep it up to date on my own. But this year, after being on the brink of abandoning it fully or even deleting it, I gave it a new chance. And ended up not just adding and deleting shops, but also creating a new home for the map.

The new site Pärlbutiker i Sverige isn't really finished, but I have already made it public as the new home means it's much easier to inform about the map, writing more about how to use it and how to add shops to it to name a few things. I was also able to add a page with information in english, which you can find here.

While the map is written in swedish, I hope it may also be useful for an international audience, e.g. a way for beaders visiting Sweden to find shops of interest. And while I don't know if you can use Google Translate to read the info blurbs for each shop, at least you can find a link to each shop's website where you can find more info (and translate it into english).

Now, before anyone checks out the map, I also have to stress that it's virtually impossible to keep the map up to date all the time so always, always check with the shops to see that they're still open to visits when you want to go. And remember that some shops are online shops that doesn't have "proper" brick-and-mortar shops, but accepts pre-arranged visits in their storerooms.

As for Panduro, the big Scandinavian chain of craft shops, they also have a better updated map of their own here. To see it, click the "dölj/visa karta" button under the picture on the right or, if yo want a map of a specific shop, click the name of the town/city in the list. (In the list you find both Panduro shops, Panduro Hobby-butiker, and smaller independent retailers, återförsäljare.)

By the way, ages ago I wrote about the map on this blog. You can still find that post, with some info on how to read the map, here.

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  1. Thanks, Maneki! This map is very useful. I live in Helsinki, and love to visit Stockholm for culture and fun.I see a nice conglomerate of bead shops in and around Stockholm.


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