Monday, 3 December 2012

Snow day

So it's been snowing all day and on and off all evening. I took a few pics of the snowfall just to show how much more snow we got today. As it was snowing, I stood indoors when taking them so the angles might be a bit odd.

Unhappy cats: they want to go outside, but it isn't long before they want back in again... (That's Minimuss looking at the camera, Jisse on the steps and Ullegull taking cover on the threshold.)

The snow might not look that deep, but after having waded through it I'd say it's everywhere between 5 and 20 cm at least. You can also look at the pics and play "spot the road".


My sis and I were studying the weather forecasts at the SMHI website (SMHI = Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute), discussing the forecasted temperatures and planning. After studying and pointing at the 5 days and 10 days forecasts it dawns on me what we are doing and I turn to my sis, laughing: "I wonder how many people studies weather forecast for the purpose of planning snow and ice lantern making?!" Yes, our intense discussion and dissection of the weather data was all about establishing whether we should prepare ice lanterns tonight and whether it'd be worth making some snow lanterns tomorrow. (Living in Skåne, we are used to seeing our snowmen -- or snow cats -- and snow lanterns melt in a couple of days as the temperatures often rise above zero during winter.)

We have made two lanterns -- or rather we made one and she made one smaller when I was on the 'puter -- and put a big candle in the windmill. It's dark since many hours so we made it in the darkness with just three candles to light up the workplace so big lantern by the road isn't exactly perfect, but Not going to keep my breath that it'll survive the night as it's hovering around zero. (If it does there might be pics -- unless it looks too hideous in daylight...) Tomorrow we'll begin Operation Winterlights for real.

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  1. I love snow lanterns. I'm sure your garden looks like a deeam come true with those twinkling lights surrounded by snow. Hopefully you're not the one to get rid of the snow on the driveway etc. I love to see pics of cats and kittens in snow.


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