Wednesday, 5 December 2012

December bead soup palette: part one

Hope you're not getting tired of snow photos (because there'll probably be more if the snow keeps falling), but just for a change it'll just be beads today.

During the weekend, I pondered whether to do something a bit different for Manekis Pärlblogg what with the advent sundays coming up and all. I went back and forth, but at last I decided I will do some fun weekly feature up until my winter break (usually don't blog between a few days before christmas to new year's day).

So what is this new idea? Well, instead of the usual monthly colour palette, I will make a very simple two-colour palette for week one and then add beads every week for the following three weeks. When I came up with the idea and posted the above palette on my other blog, I still didn't know what to make for the following weeks -- and did get cold feet a couple of days after posting -- but now I do have a plan.

The base of my four-week soup is a matte metallic mix -- even if you can't really tell from the photo that the leather is metallic -- made up of matte metallic patina iris hex cuts and braided matte bronze metallic leather. (A cheaper and easier-to-find alternative could be brown leather and frosted teal beads, but of cause that won't have the same shimmer.)

By the way, I will make another post later today or tomorrow that'll illustrate how I ended up with this combo. Because it was not the colours I started off with.

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