Monday, 3 December 2012

Meowy Monday: Cat photo of the week

I think you've already guessed the theme for today. Yes, it's snow. It's still snowing here. In fact, it's pretty much been snowing all day today and the snowfall is heavier than in the last two days. Probably will be a double post today as well because, well, it's the first snow -- and I don't have to be out driving to work or the shops or walk anywhere so I enjoy it. A lot. (Just keeping my fingers crossed it wont get any warmer because just as much as I can love snow, I can hate sleet!)

 Ullegull ran out fast when I opened the door, but after a while he realised that snow isn't just all fun -- it can also be cold and wet. You should've heard him after I took the pic at the top of this post. He then opted for the snow-free table with all my sis' latest stone finds instead.

 Full concentration... Uggi is getting ready to attack something, anything.

That's Jinja and Jisse if you don't recognize the back of their heads. They also came out to play, but more with each other than with little Ullegull.


  1. Ullegull looks miserable. What is this? I love that snowy white tip on the tail. What a funny pic. The big cats, on the contrary, look completely relaxed. Poor, poor little Uggi. Milka

    1. *lol* He'll hopefully learn to enjoy it fast. They usually do. Though it's also a lot of "We want to go out! We want to go out! Right now!" followed by ""We want to get back in! We want to back in! Right now!" two minutes later... From all the cats, young and old alike.

      Unfortunately for Uggi, this wet snow easily sticks to his long fur, especially on the belly. But he hasn't complained that much yet. We'll see what happens tomorrow as my sis and I will be working on our snow and ice lanterns if everything goes as planned and he can be out playing with us.


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