Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Bead blog recap weeks 50-51

I never wrote the last recap of the year before christmas, but today I'm trying to finish everything I didn't do before christmas which I want to have done by the end of the year. So here's the last recap of 2012 with everything from Color of the Year and EU's new lead ban to beading chain ideas and snowglobe jewellery.

Christmas angels -- and info on my blog break
A few last minute tips for making bead angels (and snowmen and santas). Plus a note on my blog break, which will last of the christmas and new year days. If everything goes as planned, I'll be back around Twelfth Night.

December bead soup palette: part four
This palette will soon be found on this blog too.

Gift wrapping with beads and jewellery
Ideas for using beads and (broken) jewellery for luxuriously wrapped gifts.

Universally flattering colours
Some colours -- and we're not just talking about black here -- are considered flattering for all skin tones, though not everyone agrees.

Beading chain projects and tips
Ideas for using that special type of chain.

Types of chains
Learn the (english) names of the most common jewellery chains in this extensive UK glossary.

Snowglobe jewellery
Make pendants and rings with working snowglobes. Some with water, some without.

Snowglobes with jewellery
Inspired by an old Anthropologie ad, crafters have created tutorials for snowglobes filled with (broken) jewellery.

December bead soup palette: part three
This too will soon pop up here on the blog.

Dust masks
Dust masks are important if you plan on working with materials and techniques that results in dust and/or vapors. But not all masks are equal and it's important to choose one that's protect you well, not just one that's cheap and easy to wear.

Bead filled mini pies
Fill a cute polymer clay or felt miniature pie with tiny beads.

Triangular herringbone
A russian tutorial for a special kind of tubular herrinbone/ndebele stitch with a three bead base.

The European Union bans lead in jewellery next year
In the autumn 2013, the new EU ban on lead in e.g. jewellery will come into force.

Pantone Color of the Year 2013
Pantone's colour for 2013 is a familiar sight for beaders and jewellery makers: emerald

Risks with mixed metal rings
Mixing basemetals and precious metals in rings can look beautiful, but the mix can actually cause problems after the ring's been worn for some time.

December challenges
Round-up of the current monthly design challenges (and contests) for beaders and/or jewellery makers.

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