Wednesday, 12 December 2012

December bead soup palette: part two

As I mentioned in part one, this month's colour inspiration/moodboard is a bit different what with beads being added to it every week leading up to christmas when it will be complete.

This week, I didn't add new colours as much as I just added new hues and a different finish, mixing shiny with the matte metallics of the first week. Mixing finishes and surface effects (like celsian and lumi brown here) adds depth and interest to a simple bead combo. So if you want to make something using just a couple of colours, focusing on hues and finishes can be a great way to make it less flat and boring.

You might recognize the added beads from this post, by the way.

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  1. Lovely colour mix. Not the traditional Xmas colours...I appreciate that. Kind of fed up with red and green just now. I love the lover beads. You always seem to find the most beautiful Czech beads. The ordinary ones are also beautiful, though.


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