Sunday, 14 April 2013

A sunday in april

I've taken a few flower pics too, now that most of the crocus that wasn't covered by snow and ice last week and the scillas have started to bloom and the hepatica is in full bloom. Can't show them all today, but I do have two pics I took today.

Above's a pic of one of the groups of crocus (the crocus have really spread this year, by the way: I've found single flowers in the middle of two of the lawns). Alla light purple -- apart from one flower.

Ok, now this second pic might just look like black dots on blue, but it's a big flock of cranes that flew around here. Unfortunately I don't think they landed nearby so I can get some photos of them (one year they did stop by just a few fields over). You know it's spring (or autumn) when you hear the cranes. At first I just thought it was more swans, but then I heard it was cranes.

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