Monday, 15 April 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photos of the week

It's the second day of spring here, at least if you go by the temps. And I saw a flock of wagtails (in the potato fields) and a brightly yellow butterfly (in the garden -- sadly it wouldn't sit down in its vain attempts to find flowers so no pics). These cat photos are from yesterday when it was also a nice, warm afternoon.

 Guess who was in his most playful mood? Actually, Julle was too, but no one can be as energetic as a kitten on a vast field full of other playful cats and two merry humans.

 That's how my attempts to take a few photos of Knatti ended. Move it, Julle!

Jinja was with us too, but I didn't get any photos of her because of... erhhh... well, guess because of whom:

A blurry photo of Jinja trying to flee from Uggi.

She gave up and ran home.


  1. Spring makes our cat wild early in the morning. And she is not a kitten. Your pics make me smile.

  2. Your kitties made my day! Mea

  3. Your cats are absolutely wonderful, unique, awesome and magic. So! And you are able to photograph them absolutely perfect:) Regards!

  4. Thank you for you kind comments, everyone!


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