Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Meowy Monday on a Tuesday --- again!

So, the week didn't begin with cats here on the blog as I was busy working to produce food for people (said like that, farm worker sounds like the most important job in the world -- we feed people) and then "busy" sleeping as the cats had kept me awake half the night. And today I'm trying to catch up on blog feeds and e-mails neglected yesterday so this week's Meowy Monday is another one with just one pic.

That's Uggi almost all the way up the telephone pole. Because you can't see the whole pole it might not look that high up, but it was at least 3 metres. I was taking some photos of the sunset and he had a lot of energy, running back and forth trying to catch my attention. Which included first running up the pole, then down again and up the ash tree you can see in the background. He got very high up in that too, higher than on the pole. He was like a little kid on a sugar rush.

Ok, I have to show some pics of that sunset too. It was a perfect clouded sky with a gentle rain/drizzle, which created this fantasticly coloured sky. At times the sky was like a watercolour painting.

Ooops... Sorry, should've made them a bit bigger. Next time, maybe. I've got several days of sunsets worth showing some day.


  1. Wonderful sunset pics. Especially the one with the climbing kitten. :-)

  2. You have caught moments of majestic beauty and something that makes us smile. Surrounded by wonders of Nature, we just need to keep our eyes open and enjoy. Thanks for sharing! Milka

  3. Awesome! Irina


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