Wednesday, 3 April 2013

First crocus flowers

Many plants had begun to pop up a leave or bud before the cold and snow came, but then everything ceased. Now with the sun and relative warmth during the days, the flowers are beginning to grow again. The daffodils are still just a thumb tall and just a few flowers are beginning to bud, such as the crocus (they started to open their buds today) and scilla.

We only have purple crocus blooming at the moment. Partially because most of the other colours of crocus are in places that are still covered in snow and ice. Even the ones that have started to bud and bloom haven't grown to their full length yet. They're just very eager to bloom -- seems like they want spring just as much we do.

The snowdrops have survived being buried. Especially the ones down by the old henhouse are fully in bloom now. The other ones that began to pop up before the cold (see first pic) had it slightly tougher with less leaves to hid under, mini floods, winds and ice.


  1. Gorgeous flowers. They "know" Spring is here even it doesn't look like it. Enjoy your day.

  2. Beautiful flowers.. I just love the spring time.

  3. Unas fotos preciosas que nos recuerda que queda poco tiempo para el verano y las vacaciones!!! Un saludo

  4. Thank you for your comments, everyone! I just got another sign of spring: the boss called (or, well, the boss' wife aka the office manager) and said we'll do a test run with the potato setting tomorrow. Fingers crossed it won't be too muddy and the nights will get warmer so we can start earning some money now!


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