Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Meowy Tuesday: Cat photos of the week

There were no cat pics yesterday as the spring farming has finally started for my part last weekend, which means early mornings (hate it) and being pretty tired when getting home (partially because of the work, partially because I have to get up early). At least these first days are tough so it felt nice to get a free day after just three days -- good thing about spring weather, you can often get a soft start with a day or more off after the first couple of days due to the temperature going down again or the rain/snow returning.

Anyway, I didn't have any really new photos to show, but going through my saved pics, I found a couple of Figge (Figaro) and since he rarely gets to show off on this blog, it felt like it was his time to shine.

I found this old pic of when he was a kitten too:

There's even more pics of Figgsi as a kitten in my neglected Flickr set Cats and things (so named as I could only make three sets with a free account and one's for jewellery and beadwork and one's for beads so all the rest had to be lumped together with the cats). This below, for example, is one of my first pics of Figge. He was born in the barn by a more or less feral cat and only peeked out though the hole in the wall of the hay loft at first (where the cats walk in and out of our barn), being very scared of humans and not wanting to go too far from where he was born.

Figaro 1

Now he's a big, tough boy and not scared of humans at all. Not scared of other cats either, being or biggest tomcat. A far cry from the shy little kitten he was just a few years ago.


  1. He is so handsome, isn't he? I see he is proudly sporting a white tail tip. Uggi has the same feature. Makes me wonder if...they are closely related? The last pic really shows the situation you're telling about.

    1. Yes, they're pretty closely related. Let's see if I get this right... Figge is Uggi's uncle. Figge is the son of Saken, our shy barn cat that disappeared some time ago, and Uggi's mum Ninjis is Saken's daughter.

      (I've mentioned before why Saken had that weird, rather unflattering name: it comes from Vad är det för en söt liten sak?, What kind of cute little thing is that?, which is what we asked her when we first discovered her on the hayloft. She was extremely shy, having never seen humans, and talking softly to her was one of our strategies for making her more comfortable around us. She never did get tame, though, but lived a happy and healthy life here nonetheless.)


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