Friday, 26 April 2013

April bead soup palette

Well, the month is almost over, but I still have a monthly palette to show. Nothing special this month as I had my focus elsewhere, but hopefully still a nice mix.

This is one of those simple mixes where you start with beads with a multi-coloured finish. In this case, I took a strand of dark purple and silvery beads and added more silver. I then also added some light vitrail rizos to show yet another violet-and-silver bead finish. The vitrail beads adds some pastel tones to the mix, but you can also omit them for a darker mix as done below.

Of cause you could pick up some other tones than silver and purple from the magic violet. Looking closely you'll see a rainbow of colours accompanying the purple: blue, fuchsia, gold and even a smidgeon of green.

Promise you something nicer and more thought-through next month. Can already now tell you it will include purple. Of cause.

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