Thursday, 18 April 2013

Enjoying the weather and baking

We're waiting for the next field to get ready to be cultivated, which means some time off. Unfortunately, while it have given me time to read blogs and pin stuff, I've not really given myself time to answer e-mails or be online doing anything requiring actual brain activity. Partially because I'm catching up on things I didn't do while spending all day in the company of potatoes (like working on my BSBP pieces -- thank god the reveal is postponed until next week!). And partially because we've had lovely spring weather -- I'll hopefully show some spring flower pics soon -- the last four days of so. Not today, though. I wanted to spend those days outdoors rather than sit in a dark room in front of a computer screen.

I also wanted to bake a little since I haven't done that since before Christmas. First because there was no room in the freezer, then because of work. And I like to bake. Not always, but a little every now and then. Sure, I've done many a chocolate pudding instead these last months since I discovered how easy it was to make (from the simple cocoa+sugar+corn starch+milk to chocolate and coconut milk pudding). Why haven't anyone told me how quick and easy it is to make a simple chocolate pudding from scratch?

Anyway, this is one of the things I baked, kokostrianglar (coconut triangles: you might notice that they aren't triangles: the name comes from how the rolled lengths of dough are shaped in the recipe). One of my favourite non-chocolate cookies with toasted coconuts for that little extra coconut flavour. Not the very best cookie dough (of cause I eat dough, sometimes dough is better than baked cookies!), but very nice to eat nonetheless.

I'm thinking of writing down the recipe for my almost forgotten (by me) recipe blog that's in swedish. Let me know if you want it in english too and I'll publish it here too.

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  1. Yes, please! Those cookies sound tempting. Mea


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