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Maneki's bead blog March recap

I've finally finished working for this week and way not take that time to catch up a big on my blogging and more precisely my recaps of what I've written on my beaders' and jewellery-makers' blog, Manekis Pärlblogg. During march, I covered everything from beaded eggs (including real ones!), new bead shapes and tree root jewellery to contests, bead sculptures and notebooks for pearl lovers. Read all about it after the break!

Add beads to your japanese paper flowers or let them inspire you jewellery designs.

Embroider real eggs with bead accents
Learn how to embroider real eggs (cut open or whole!) with threads, ribbons and beads.

Pysanky jewellery
See the amazing pysanky egg jewellery created by So Jeo LeBlond. She uses tiny eggs as well as ostrich egg slabs embellished in a fiddly and time-consuming batik dyeing technique we know from east european pysanky.

Updated the swedish bead shop map
Regular readers of this blog have already read about it: I've finally updated the map to brick-and-mortar bead shops, dito craft shops/haberdasheries with beads and online bead shops with "showrooms" or that open their stockrooms by appointment.

Fibre and natural material bird's nests
I've written about wire bird's nests with bead eggs before. This time therefore it's all about creating nests for bead eggs using embroidery floss, yarn, twigs, moss and more.

A round-up of easter projects
Links to previous posts with easter-related bead/jewellery projects.

Intricate shapes from simple jewellery components
Nina Designs have many lovely components in simple styles and with clean lines, with can be combined in various ways to create new, intricate shapes and designs. Just see all these jewellery design ideas!

Preciosa Solo
PreciosaOrnela have launched Solo, a one-hole bead to match their popular Twin pressed bead/seed bead.

Notebooks for art déco and pearl lovers
My favourite Paperblanks have lauched a new line to smaller sized notebooks/journals with a cover design that jewellery makers might find enticing.

Crystal Glam 2013
International jewellery design contest from I-Beads for fans of Swarovski Elements. Deadline: 16 May.

Piggy Beads
A new czech 2-hole bead shape is on the market now. Unlike most 2-hole beads, the holes on the cupped, round piggy beads aren't centred, making them tilt when used. Simple, but strikning shape!

Attach rivets, studs and snaps to leather bracelets
Leather bracelets are cool, creative and trendy. Learn how you can attach metal embellishments of your choice.

Swedish jewellery contest
Swedish forum Nätverket Inspira are having a contest themed the 1920's. Deadline: 26 april.

Online self-published bead/jewellery/anything-awesome book fair
Saturday Sequins have had (yeah, it old news by now) her own online book fair for self-published books.

Smocking with beads
Learn how to smock (or shir if you like) with beads in many various ways. Includes both traditional and canadian/north-american smocking with bead accents.

Woven rolo chain and cord bracelets
Learn how to weave rows of rolo chains into bracelets for both him and her.

Fun ideas for pop beads
Remember those old pop beads? Mich L. shows you how to have a little fun with them, attaching charms and bails for a modern take on the old kids' favourite.

Giveaway and contest tips on my pinboard
Go to my pinterest board to find tips on giveaways, contests and challenges not always mentioned on the blog(s).

Brandi wants to help you with your colour schemes
Having trouble making your colours work like you want them in your designs? Brandi would like to help you if you're brave enough to have your not-yet-perfect design on her blog as an example.

How our metal jewellery findings are made
Ever wonder how those findings we use are made? Here you can find a round-up of videos showing you how both giant factory machines and artisan silversmiths create the jewellery components you use in your designs.

Kiwa silk ribbon jewellery ideas
Japanese bead shop Kiwa have free projects for jewellery and accessories made from hand-dyed bias cut silk ribbon.

Matching embroidery threads and beads
Links to charts matching embroidery threads (DMC, Anchor) with seed beads (Mill Hill, Delica). NB! These charts aren't precise science, be aware that dye lots, personal preferences and even colour numbers can vary.

Thomas Heatherwick's glass bead sculpture
Well, techniqually it's a sculpture made from glued together glass cabochons, but cabs are beads and the 30 meter tall suspended sculpture is awesome. (Also include links to other artists who've made suspended bead sculptures.)

It Bijou concours 2013
Jewellery contest from french bead shop Perles & Co themed "Imagine the 2013 'it' jewel". Open to residents of the EU, Serbia and Switzerland. Deadline: 15 april.

March challenges
Round-up of monthly design challenges/contests.

Stingray skins -- and shops offering fish leather
These expensive stingray skins are fab with their distinct patterns and black & white colours. Also include links to shops selling cheaper fish leathers for those who find the stingrays to be beyond their budget. And links to tanning your own fish skins (or where to find someone who'll do it for you).

Beaded bag handles
Add a (fully or partially) beaded handle to your bag or purse. Several methods and ideas.

Tree roots
Tree roots are an interesting craft material that can be used in jewellery and which can be found in scandinavian root crafter's jewellery ranges.

March monthly bead soup palette
The latest bead mix inspiration have already been published on this blog.

Natural vs. synthetic felt
Felt, a popular craft and jewellery material, can be made from many types of fibres, natural or manmade. Learn the pros and cons of different materials and which felt will suit your project.

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