Saturday, 10 April 2010

Bead blog recap week 14

There's no theme this week, but if you like bracelet there's a bit of a collection of projects this week too. Colours is also a recurring theme, from mixed metal challenges to crystal colour trends.

Lady Gaga-inspired bracelet

A sparkling white slave bracelet-style piece of jewellery by M & J Trimmings, inspired by a Lady Gaga video.

S-links as jewellery components
S-links are not only easy-to-make and useful clasps, they can also be used as connectors and design elements in jewellery.

Design challenge from Swedish bead shop

Frost08 challenges you to make jewellery using mixed metals.

Crystal colour trends
Inspiring colour palettes when crystal masters Swarovski/Crystallized and Preciosa presents spring and summer trends.

Flexible beading wire news
SoftFlex have new Trios for those of you who want colourful wire to design with. Beadalon tempts with kink-free titanium alloy wire.

Blackstone is a black stone, often dyed such. It is not a name for a specific type of stone, but rather a collective name for black or black-dyed stones. Similar to onyx, but not as shiny.

Misan's Wonder bead-embroidery foundation
MiSAN's Wonder is a foundation for bead embroidery, sold in three sizes and seven colours.

Matching jewellery pouches
Packaging is an important part of the product and experience of jewellery bought. There are many different ways of making packages personal or adding logos. You don't have to sell jewellery in order to want to make pretty packages: here's an example of how you can embellish an organdy bag to match the bracelet put in it.

Wrap bracelets
A selection of wraps projects of all kinds. Some have been mentioned in other posts, but here you will find them all in the same place, from braided suede to "infinite" elastic seed bead bracelets.

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