Sunday, 25 April 2010

Please respect my copyright

I love taking pictures and I enjoy sharing them with you on my blogs and the forums I am a member on. But I invest a lot of time and effort into these, especially as my camera is old and adds so much noise. So I don't really want to see my pics on other websites without any credits. To be honest, unless you are blogging about my blog or have my expressed permission, I really don't want to see my pics stolen for use on other websites at all.

I'm a very resonable person and if you have a non-commersial/personal/charity website or blog I'm more or less always willing to let you borrow my pics if only you ask me first and give credits (linking to my blog). I don't want to watermark my photos just because of a few people that don't know the difference between my stuff and your stuff or have the creativity to do something original.

And for all those of you familiar with copyright laws: you don't have to display a copyright symbol or write a copyright statement in order for text and pictures to be protected by law. They are automatically protected the moment they are created. But if you don't believe it I will now add a copyright statement. They are so definite I have tried to avoid it, but to no avail (please not I have a copyright statement on my other blog, Manekis Pärlblogg already).

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