Thursday, 8 April 2010

Shopping by colour

I tend to shop for things I want and in a lesser degree I shop for specific projects. Well, I've realised that when I shop for those things I want, I tend to end up with a shopping cart of matching colours. It's like I one day just love light browns and fresh spring greens and then the next time I want to shop my wishlist is filled with teal and greyish blue beads and then one day I have money and buy some nice stuff, ending up with it being all pinks and purples. This time it ended up being all about brown brass and deep tones of burgundy and aubergine (and a bit of crystal celsian).

Of cause, you might argue that I have colour preferences so it's no wonder I end up doing this, but what amazes me is the fact that I don't always see this when I shop -- I discover it when I open the package. And also, it's a new theme every time. Ok, partially it is the fact that I love colour and I always get new ideas and find things I like about a colour I haven't fancied before. But I don't shop with the intention of getting items that will look good together, colourwise, it just happens...

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