Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Beads, bead caps or flowers?

When I first saw these filigrees, described as "cube drawn bead" and bead caps by the shop, I just had to buy them. Not because I had an inkling of what to do with them -- I was just attracted to the unusual shape.

The seller made an association to 19th century drawstring bags, myself I just keep seeing them as flowers. Despite being square while most flowers have round bells, I just keep thinking of "puffy" flowers like those you can find in water aven flowers, japanese lantern husks, turk's cap lily (martagon), lily-of-the-vally and many more.

Not yet sure how I will use them, but I just had to show them. Will publish some picks of the finished jewellery once I get the inspiration to use these.

PS! If I don't get any jewellery ideas, I bet they could be used as ornate miniture tables or flower pots, depending on which end you place down.

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  1. So pretty! They do look like flowers.


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