Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bead blog recap week 16

If this week had a theme it would've been flowers. Also, I made an index of all technique and bead-making posts, making it easier to find all posts on the same subject.

Faux pearls in pc
How to make faux pearls using polymer clay and pearlescent powders.

Soumak as wirework
Soumak or snärjväv, as it's known in Swedish, is an ancient weaving technique -- used in Persian rugs as well as Scandinavian tapestries -- that makes lovely effects woven in wire.

Biwa and stick pearls
I only recently discovered that I kind of like biwa/stick pearls. Read more about the origin of the pearls and their name as well as what type of pearls are called biwas today.

Linking lucite leaves
Two cool necklaces made from lucite leaves, linked together.

Layered flower pendants
How to make layered pendants made from lucite/acrylic/resin and metal flower components.

Flowers from beads
Use beads as petals, wiring or stitching them together to make flowers (as in the photo above).

Kundan flowers
How to make flowers using sew-on stones (kundan) and a few beads. Mostly used to make floral arrangements and other home décor, but they could also be used for jewellery (compare the wired flowers above and briolette flowers).

Techniques by theme

An index of all the technique posts made, sorted by "theme": wirework & chain maille; torch; metalwork (other); Patina and finishes; resin & plastic; off loom beadweaving; loomwork; bead embroidery; other beading techniques; bead crochet & knitting; knotting & braiding; other textile & fibre techniques; clay (ceramic, metal, polymer etc); misc. Also an index of all bead-making posts. Note that "project and patterns posts" are not included.

New British bead magazine
Britain has gotten yet another bead and jewellery-making magazine, called Creative Beads & Jewellery.

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