Saturday, 10 April 2010

Marsh marigolds: My entry for the Vintaj blog April challenge

The theme for the Vintaj blog design challenge this month was "Spring Riverbed" and the word that immediatly popped up was kabbeleka, marsh marigold. This is a spring flower that thrives in wetlands and one that I have the pleasure of seeing each year as we got a few plants by the edge of our fen. Here, it blooms in May, but in e.g. Southern Denmark and Germany it buds already in April.

When making the necklace I saw a picture in front of me: the flowers stretching along the edge of the riverbed of a small creek, shaded by trees. The centerpiece of my necklace consists of two different branches wired together -- "debris" fallen into the creek -- and around it grows the flowers, accompanied by a few riverstones (= freshwater pearls).

I had no good clasps to use so I improvised, using a fastenable and hook. Also a way to keep to the floral theme of the piece.

If you want to vote for my necklace (big thanks if you do!) or any of the other entries, please go to the Vintaj blog and cast your vote by April 16.

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