Tuesday, 20 April 2010

April flowers

While I'm writing this it has begun to snow outside the window. The air is thick with big snowflakes, as is common when the temperatur is above zero. They say the ash cloud has cooled down the temperature and so this afternoon it's down to only 4 degrees. April weather in deed...

But, let's go back to yesterday. When the sun was shining and the sky was blue. And my latest pic of new spring flowers. Our first violets have bloomed and the daffodils have begun to colour the lawn yellow.

I've forgotten the name of the blue flowers below... [But with some help (see comments) I've now got a name for you: Squill.] They are alreay beginning to wilt. I've just forgotten to take pics of them earlier...

And from purples and blues to the white flowers of spring. The daisies bloom the year around almost, but they are not as pretty in last winter as they are during spring and summer.

And then, of cause, the most spring flower of them all: the wood anemones. No good pics, I'm afraid, but the season has just begun and I will (hopefully) get a couple of more chances to photograph them.

From these pretty white flowers we move on to the bright and yellow: Yellow Stars-of-Bethlehem, daffodils, lesser celandine. Oh, those celandine look a tad like they too could've been the inspiration for my Marsh marigold necklace, don't they?


  1. Hej!

    den blå blomman kallas Skilla ! Fina bloggar du har! Otroligt att du hinner med alla inlägg :)

    MVH paxbonum

  2. Ja, scilla är det ju -- tänk att man kan glömma bort namnet på en så vanlig blomma...

    Tack för orden om mina bloggar. Med intresse och mycket fritid så är det inte svårt att komma upp i så många inlägg som det blir per vecka, är jag rädd. ;)

    (Scilla or blåstjärna is squill for you English-speaking. Siberian Squill to be precise.)


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