Thursday, 8 April 2010

Light burgundy

I'm trying to get a good photo of my Preciosa light burgundy crystal beads. Not sure the tone is absolutely accurate, but they do look nice, don't they? Even if I haven't managed to capture the sparkle.

Light burgundy is a colour that's exclusive for Preciosa and I've been wanting to get some for a long time now, just for a chance to get to see the shade IRL. Unfortunately it's not all that easy finding Preciosa beads, especially not the more "unusual" colours. If I had a bead shop, Preciosa would be one of the brands I'd be sure to have -- not only do they make pretty crystal beads and rivolis, they also have some very nice glass cabochons. Last year, Preciosa aquired Ornela, a company making both seed beads and larger glass beads (including pressed glass, pearls and fire-polished). And, of cause, it's also Preciosa that does my beloved Alchemy rivolis.

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