Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bead blog recap weeks 37-38

Time flies and it feels like I haven't gotten into doing weekly recaps since my summer vacation. Anyway, here's the latest recap of what I've written at Manekis Pärlblogg. This week was cut short due to Randi's injury and an exhausting trip to Lund. But I still had time to blog about everything from iridescent patinas to extension chains.

Bello Modo Swarovski Pearl Challenge
Bello Modo is hosting a challenge based on swarovski pearls, check out all details at the Bello Modo blog.

Bead giveaway/contest winner
The winner in my giveaway/contest, sponsored by Bello Modo, is revealed. Read her winning answer as well as many other good ideas about what is a useful and/or fun present to give a newbie beader.

Buy bead patterns -- support a good cause
Sometimes you can support a charity or community by buying a bead pattern, here are a few examples. Please feel free to tip me about other patterns or projects to add to the list!

Art charms
Explains what the right now so popular art charms are and includes some blogs for inspiration as well as tips for sharing the charms through swaps and fundraising.

Patina tutorial from missficklemedia

You've seen the gorgeous colourful patinated clasps, links, chains and beads from Missficklemedia, now she offers a tutorial for those interesting in working with this type of patina by themselves.

Oxidize with resist
When oxidizing metal using LoS you can add patterns by first applying a resist on the surface, which keeps the oxide from forming on parts of the metal. When the resist is removed, a pattern is formed.

YLI jeans stitch and Gütermann top stitch
There are many threads that can be used in bead crochet, from ordinary cotton yarns to special crochet threads. Two threads I like are the "heavy-duty" polyester threads from YLI and Gütermann.

Iridescent patina
Add ammonia to liver of sulphur (LoS) and you get a shimmering iridescent patina. Works best on metal (and heavy genuine silver plate).

Artfully mounted bead embroideries

Robin Atkins show how you can make elegantly displayed art from your bead embroideries by mounting them on canvases.

Extension chains
Some like them and some don't, regardless they can be very useful in jewellery. Includes a few details you should consider before making your extension chains.

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