Friday, 17 September 2010

Destash -- säljer av lite pärlor mm

Just added a logo about my destash to the sidebar. I've already sold enough to pay for my no. 1 priority: new clogs. I constantly wear clogs, always have worn clogs at home what with the farm and all that. A few weeks back I managed to break the sole. A couple of cm of pure wood snapped from side to side. Worn down as I've had them for ages, but still... Anyway, it's getting a bit wet now with the rainy weathers so I need new clogs. Can't use my good shoes around the house so right now it's winter boots or broken clogs -- and the clogs are faster to step in and out off.

But I still want to get rid off the rest so I can buy new beads. Out with the old and in with the new as per my philosophy on the creative effects of cleaning out everything that's just collecting dust right now.

So I'm destashing and that's mostly a message to my Swedish readers (as I only accept payment to my bank account), which means I'll end this in another language:

Har sålt de populäraste artiklarna som mycket av mina japanska seeds, men där finns fortfarande allt från tjeckiskt glas och Swarovski till moro-moro och indonesiska hartspärlor kvar. Allt ska bort!

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