Monday, 6 September 2010

A crocheted necklace for mom

Right now I'm busy judging entries in a beading contest, but I thought I'd show you what I did last night (literally night, I finished it around 1:30 AM). Mom wanted me to make her a necklace similar to one I'd make for myself in czech 10/0 seeds. I said ok, but as she's just paying for the supplies she had to string the beads. I hate stringing beads, which is the reason it took such time for me to find the right beads for her: I wanted 10/0 (not 11/0 or 9/0) seeds on hank and mom wanted them to be blue. A slightly difficult combination to find. Anyway, I want them hanked as it makes stringing them easier.

The necklace is made in my favourite bead crochet technique: chain stitch with loops. It's a very easy method for making crocheted jewellery and I like the bead loops. Normally, I make rather small loops (5-7 beads), but you can make much larger ones of a very different effect. Bead looops can also be used together with single beads on a chain stitch or made using different bead sizes and/or shapes. Very versatile, in other words. But this time I kept it very simple as per mom's request.

Want to see a pic of the whole necklace too, don't you? I'm thinking of making something similar on a winter theme: the texture kind of remind me of rime/hoar frost.

BTW, this was also the first time I used Gütermann Top Stitch (knapptråd) for bead crochet. I've mostly used YLI and pearl silk before. The Gütermann thread feels very similar to YLI so I'll probably buy a few more colours of it in the future, not least since this thread is easier to find in Sweden.

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