Sunday, 19 September 2010

Busy Sunday

It's Sunday. And election day. I've managed to do quite a lot this afternoon: feed the cats (ok, that don't count -- I do that every day, it's my chore), vote, chat with aquaintances we met when voting, administer a worm pill to a shy cat without any of the others eating the food I hid it in, picking apples from about a dozen trees located in different parts of our big garden and clean our tumbled glass which is now all nice and frosty. To that can be added that my sis is baking buns right now and I'll soon join her as I'll be mixing pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and that kind of things in my half of the dough. And I'll spend the evening packing beads for those who have bought things from my destash.

So... a lot of things done and while it's a big of a handful doing so much at once it does feel good to finish all these musts. Hopefully Monday will be calmer. And I'll do this week's bead blog recap then as well. And probably I'll also get around to taking a few picks of my portion of the tumbled glass.

EDITED TO ADD: and I'm supposed to have picked a winner for my giveaway/contest by tomorrow. Darn... I'd almost forgotten that... But if any of you have participated, rest assure, I will publish the winner's name tomorrow as planned if nothing else happens until then.

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