Sunday, 12 September 2010

Rusted brass

I had a productive computer-free day yesterday. Not just crocheting all Saturday long, but also had time to test my (relatively) new "rusting paint". It's a acrylic-based paint with real steel particles and when painted onto a surface and sprayed with Rapid Rust, it begins to do just that. Rust. It's not a faux patina, it's real rust.

Above is my first test on a brass ox stamping. I painted it with the steel paint and then wiped it off the reliefed parts. The same way you make a painted "oxidization". When it had dried a bit I sprayed the rusting liquid on it and waited a bit for the rusting to begin. The process was then stopped by applying a sealant.

Below is a comparison between an untreated and a rusted version of the stamping. I bit harsh in the colours, at least on my screen, but I hope the photo is not too bad. Some probably prefer the oxidized look of the original stamping while others like me hopefully like the rusted version.

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