Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bead crochet tests

Reading Beads Bee vol. 22, I found this necklace (p. 16) that seemed to be made in the type of "loopy" chain stitch bead crochet I like. Made by this beader, if I "read" the text correctly. So of cause I had to test this -- for me slightly different -- way of making chain stitched jewellery. It's rather similar to turkish bead crochet in that you alternate between seed beads and larger beads -- in this case rice pearls -- and make loops consisting of one pearls and a row of seeds. But unlike in the turkish style, you don't stitch the loops onto the next row, meaning you get a rather different look.

As usual I work with what I've got and not wanting to string loose seed beads, I had two colours of 10/0 czech seeds on hanks to choose between. I went with light amethyst copper-lined, which worked with the twisted glass beads in pink (topaz) lustre I choose as my large beads in the absence of any rice pearls. I love the colours and overall look, but it's way too chunky and heavy -- for a wearable piece of jewellery you can't use beads this big I think. Below you can see it photographed next to a ruler so that you can estimate the size of this little sampler.

Inspired by the same Japanese bead mag as above, I also wanted to try mixing in chips in the seed bead loops. Again, had to use what I could find, which explains the somewhat iffy colour scheme (I guess it's not hideous, but I don't like neon pink in these glass chips).

This also turned out to be a pretty chunky piece, but lighter and more wearable that the pressed-glass bead test. As a reference, this bracelet-to-be is approx. 17-18 cm long. I will use chips again, but I believe I'll probably try to decrease the number of seed beads for each loop -- or, better yet, opt for smaller size chips and seeds. Making it less chunky. As for colours, I do believe it'd look more attracting in a different colour scheme. I have some tumbled rock crystal chips that I think would look nice paired with white or frosted seeds, but I don't have any white thread so I couldn't test it.


  1. i think this is a very attractive technique. have you thought of doing a tutorial on it ? i know how to crochet, but im not clear on how you are doing this. i want to try it.

    1. Thanks! Haven't thought about making a tutorial, but I'll note it on my list of projects that might be my next free tute when I get the time.

      I learned the technique from a free tutorial at See if I can find a direct link.... yes, here: (it's kind of like turkish bead crochet, but without attatching the loops -- in other words much easier to learn.)

      Then I just went from there, experimenting with different bead sizes/shapes/amounts. Always starting and finishing with a loop made from 11/0 beads (for attaching a clasp). E.g. for a design like the pink/gold one you first string the large bead and then enough seeds to cover the length of the bead from hole to hole.


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