Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Top 5 things I'm not good at

1. Answering blog comments -- but I do read and enjoy them all!

2. Answering e-mails -- I do it, but it takes time...

3. Remembering people -- faces mostly, but also names

4. Not waiting to the last minute to do something

5. socializing -- which kind of explains my top 3...

Yupp, just a top five of bad excuses and a way to say "it's nothing personal" if you're waiting for me to contact you... I do this to everyone when my energy levels are low or when I'm unsure about the socially correct way to talk to someone. I've been a bit tired lately so I'm trying to sort out what things are top priority and work with those even if it means I'm letting other things drag on longer that I'd prefer. Like replying to e-mails that aren't a matter of life and death. Sorry if that is happening to you right now, but rest assure: I haven't forgotten you! It'll just take a few more days for me to get back to you....

PS! That's our Figaro (yes, named after Figaro and Cleo) in the pic. My sweetie.

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