Monday, 13 September 2010

Crimp cover bracelet

I'm not a big fan of ball chains, but sometimes I see an idea that I like (as braiding with them) or I get an idea of my own. This was the case when I recently bought some solid copper ball chain. With the new texture styles and various colours in crimp covers, wouldn't it be useful as more than just crimp covers? Couldn't they be nice as "proper" design elements too? And aren't the balls in the ball chain the perfect size to be covered by a crimp cover? This is my first try at finding an answer for those thoughts. Very simple, but then again, I just wanted to test a theory and didn't have any plan for what to do.

Some day I'll have to try a few different designs like mixing colours and sizes of crimp covers and/or adding more covers -- perhaps even covering every other ball.

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