Tuesday, 29 November 2011

After the storm

So here's a couple of pics of how it looked yesterday when I inspected what the storm Berit (or the advent storm as they called it in the papers) had done. Not as bad as Gudrun, but still some damages. Apparently the gusts reached hurricane strenght at times so it was a big storm. Well, after seeing all the photos in the paper, there's just one thing to say: I live near the sea, not by the sea and that makes a lot of difference -- not fun living right by the coast when something like this hits!

As I wrote yesterday it could've been (much) worse. The part of porch railing that fell was a bit murky so while I didn't expect to see that, it wasn't strange that it happened. And now there's a shortcut when you want to go sit on the porch, not having to go all the way to the steps.

 The miniture wind mill my dad got as a birthday present years ago blew down too. My sis discovered that in the middle of the night and salvaged the wooden railing, which had by some reason survived in one piece. The wings are really bent though, but nothing is in pieces so it should be easy to repair.

I did find some metal scraps that had been tossed around, but that's our own fault for not making sure it was all indoors (the person accumulating the scraps outdoors is still ill and had not been outdoors, the rest of us didn't think about it because we weren't there).

All the trees survived. Haven't checked the grove, though, but all in all it looks ok. I think many of the dead twigs and branches blew down earlier this year so there wasn't much left to fall, save the whole tree. So, thankfully, most everything survived the storm.
{If you want some pics of what it looked like in Skåne after the storm, here's plenty of them in the local newspaper, check out their website here, here and here. And probably a few more articles today. Like all the work to restore walkways, mend houses and remove fallen trees.}


  1. Sorry you are having such ferocious weather. Am glad to hear you were not too badly done by. We are nearing Summer and have been having nothing but rain and more rain!!

  2. Well, it sounds like a Swedish summer then! *lol* Hope the weather will improve soon. Nothing is as boring as a summer that's washed away by rain.

    As for the weather, I'm lucky enough to live in a country with very little extreme weather so if this is the worst we get, I'm just grateful. (Pretty easy to be when it was mostly old and/or already partially damaged things that were damaged.)

    At least in the countryside, people seem to remember Gudrun and now have respect for these hard storms, which all in all means fewer people get hurt and more people -- as well as local councils -- take measures to secure things when the warning comes.


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