Saturday, 26 November 2011

Catching up...

I've been feeling a bit tired and under the weather lately and this week I've felt like I've been hopelessly behind and not had the energy to keep à jour. That means I know I've got e-mails I haven't replied to yet even though I should've, I've read (or skimmed through to be honest) blog posts I've wanted to comment on but never did, challenges that ought to be finished but aren't yet. And so on.

Anyway, I'm trying to focus now and will try to make an effort to write to those I should, work on my latest project (I'm hopeless at that start stage, really) and apply for some more jobs. Do something a bit more constructive than adding a new pinboard to my Pinterest -- "had to" add a Ribbon, Yarn and Embroidery Thread board -- and just generally be online doing nothing useful and turning off the computer to go to bed. So if you've been waiting to hear from me: I haven't forgot you and will write back soon. I've read everything -- mails and comments -- so it's just the "getting back" part I'm behind with.

PS! Tomorrow I'll show a few pics of what I've been dabbling with this week. Hopefully. [Then I really should work on some other pics I've been meaning to post months ago -- but let's not think about that for now. It'll only mean more bad conscience if I don't have the time/energy/motivation to do it next week.]

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