Sunday, 27 November 2011


The good news: After days of cold, dark grey weather we got some sun and blue sky this afternoon
The bad news: ...because of the stormy weather. There's a class 3 weather warning (= warning for "very extreme weather with great dangers for the public", though it's nothing like a house-flattening hurricane or tornado or anything) here today -- bumped up from the measly class 1 yesterday -- so I've stayed indoors. Hopefully it won't ruin too much. [I just heard a small branch or something hit the roof and the power flickered just recently.]

The good news: after several falls and incidents my camera still works. I love it!
The bad news: I just discovered a chip in the lens today... [thankfully it doesn't seem to ruin my photos though -- lucky, seeing how I couldn't afford getting a new camera.]

But we should end with some good news. More good news would probably be that I've been pretty good at my disciplined penny-pinching so I have decided I can afford buying a couple of books and some ribbons. Yay! Recently I also bought half a metre of tulle and synthetic taffeta too so hopefully my future miniscule shopping spree will provide me with inspiration to do something with the fabric. So far the only thing I've done -- apart from oogling it -- is to take these photos.

Taffeta is woven using different colours in the warp and wheft, which create this lovely shimmering effect. In this case, the fabric is made using turquoise blue and milk chocolate brown threads. You can see this clearly in the pic below with the close-up of the cut edge. I really like the colours both apart and blended as in this piece of cloth.

With a bit of imagination, I almost think some of these photos reminds me of abstract landscape pictures. A moody grey sky against the brown earth. Or perhaps a blurred autumn forest against the horizon.

 Now, if I could only think of something fun to do with it... Perhaps sew flat ribbons and/or rouleau for bracelets and necklaces? Stitch it on some bead embroidery backing for a beaded cuff? Or just embroider a picture on it -- not everything I buy have to become jewellery. Guess it could make pretty jewellery pouches or something too. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them too.


  1. Depending on the feel and amount of it, you could embroider some beads and make a fancy scarf :) MY sewing skills are non-existent so I really don;t know lol check out :) They have tons of free projects and ideas to inspire you :)

  2. Thanks for the link! Yeah, sewing (as opposed to embroidering) is not my strong side either. I did learn in school, of cause, and made more than one garment as a kid and teen, but nowadays I don't even remember how to thread a sewing machine or how the settings work... So the embellishment would probably be fun and easy, but there's a risk I'll ruin the project by trying to do the hemmings... *lol*


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