Monday, 21 November 2011

Bumble bee earrings

Fuzzy bumble bees

Double posts today. I found this photo of a pair of earrings I made a few months back. Made for a bee themed challenge and at the time I didn't have any bee related beads or other components -- and I wanted it to be a literal interpretation of the theme, not just using honey coloured beads or something as a symbol for bees. So what to do?

I gave in to my childish side and crafted these two fat bees (more bumble bees than honey bees). Using velveteen beads, dark yellow embroidery floss, butterflies cut from a ribbon, glue and some additional findings, I made this pair of children's earrings. A stash-busting last minute idea.

My ears aren't pierced so I've got different types of clip-ons, screwbacks and cuffs in my stash. These rings are a type of "clip-ons" for those occasions when you want something less clumsy. Super-easy to use and probably very easy to make yourself. Which is something I intend to try someday soon. (Read more about different clip-on earring findings here.)

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