Sunday, 13 November 2011

Autumn leaves

It's Sunday and I'm as usually spending the weekend writing a week's worth of posts for my other blog so today will be more pictures than words. As it's (still) autumn I thought the colours and theme in these old photos was fitting.

This is a handmade boro glass cab surrounded by hessonite garnet chip beads. Like a lot of beaders, I'm not a big fan of chips, but I like how they can feel like autumn leaves sometimes. So I figured they might look good with an autumnal cab like this one. This is how far my ideas for this cab has come.

It's almost like a flower, a chrysanthemum of some sort, in that flat cab. Love it!


  1. That IS a gorgeous cab :) I think all that chip might be a bit distracting form it though... maybe go with bronze chain with some of the chip to accent, maybe a bit of ribbon or something in the same tones as well... or go with stringing a bronze or neutral tone bead ( creams or coffees, maybe) with the chip as accent ...

    ... dang it >.< now you have me wanting to play with beads! I got housework to do first lol ;)

  2. Yes, I agree those chips might overpower the cab if I'm not careful. Feels like the design process will be much about finding a balance.

    Good thing I don't have a deadline for this one: there'll be plenty of time to try out some different ideas before commiting to anything.

    Thanks for your feedback!


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