Monday, 28 November 2011

The greenhouse


Feels like I haven't shown any photos from the garden or forest or anything in ages so here's a pic of our small greenhouse, which I just played a little with on I took it back in September on a foggy day so it was pretty dark and moody as it was. I made it darker by adding textures, soft focus, altering the colours slightly and adding a dark frame.

The greenhouses did survive the storm and generally it could've been (much) worse, but on side of the porch railing fell (the wood was a bit murky) and the miniture wind mill my dad got as a birthday present years ago blew down. The power did flicker a few times, but we never lost -- I'm so glad we have a great local power company that abandon much of the overhead power lines years ago! If you want some pics from the storm, here's plenty of them in the local newspaper, check out their website here, here and here.

the henhouse

I've got a pic of the far end of the old henhouse next to the greenhouse too. Sorry about the noise -- my camera don't handle poor light as good as i used to do (and even new, it's a model that doesn't perform well in dim light). With all the trees, it can get pretty dark down there were I was standing, even in early afternoons. Hope I didn't make it too dark. I wanted it dark and almost spooky, but not so dark you can't see the trees... I guess the photo would be better if I cleaned the noise -- Neat Image is a great software for that -- but apparently I was too lazy to do that. So not as pleased with this one as with the greenhouse. But it's ok at least.

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