Friday, 18 November 2011

Bead blog recap weeks 45-46

Once again, here's a summary of two more weeks of posts at my other blog, Manekis Pärlblogg, with themes ranging from crackled pendants and hinges to projects for your serger and new challenges/hops.

Crackled alcohol ink pendants
Crackle finishes can add cool textures to all kinds of pendants. Here you will learn how to make beautiful mixed media metal pendants.

Japanese bead embroidery
The Japanese bead embroidery developed in an environment where western styles and beads inspired and was incorporated in traditional embroidery techniques and styles.

DIY silk ribbons
Learn how to make you own hand-dyed silk ribbons, either with raw or serged edges.

Secret Snowflake Beading Challenge
Michelle Mach has revealed her latest kit challenge with a white and blue winter theme.

Hinged journal pendants
A second post on the metal journal pendant theme. In this version, a hinge is made for the cover. Also tips on other types for hinges for jewellery.

Machine bead knitting
How to make beaded knitting on a knitting machine. The same technique can be used also in hand knitting.

Filigree for the shoes
Filigrees can be used for more than jewellery. Such as embellishment on the bride's shoes.

Beading on sewing machines and sergers
Bead embroidery is usually made by hand, but it is possible to sew both single beads and bead cording using either free motion sewing or a special bead foot respectively.

Holiday Ornament Blog Hop
Art Bead Scene will be holding a blog hop with an art bead theme, creating ornaments for christmas, solstice, Hanukka, Kwanzaa etc.

Bead Unique is now Bead Design Studio
American bead mag Bead Unique changes names, starting with the December issue. The new name and website is now listed in my list of bead and jewellery-making magazines around the world.

Fingerprint jewellery
Personal jewellery adds a special value for the costumer or recipient. One such example is fingerprint jewellery, from a mother's pendant with her new baby's prints to a personalized wedding band. Includes instructions for metal clay and polymer clay -- the later perhaps more a "fun thing" than a memento to hand down for generations to come.

Software for design and pattern-making
There are several softwares for designing jewellery or making (bead weaving) patterns, some free and some for a fee. Some are more niched while illustration software is used for the more advanced step-by-step directions.

Beaded feather stitch
Adding beads makes the pretty embroidery stitch feather stitch even prettier. Add either just one or two beads per stitch or make the fully beaded.

Beadaholique design challenge
Latest challenge/contest from American bead shop Beadaholique has a November night theme.

Feather beads
Feathers have been all the rage in the jewellery trends this season. A different approach to this fashion trend can be seen in the resin-encased feather-covered beads at Perles & Co.

Micro screws
Micro screws/fasteners can be used as rivets, but also for making e.g. interchangable ring tops.

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