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Recipe: 3 x chocolate sauce

[I have no useful photo, sorry. But, hey, it's chocolate
sauce -- you all know what that looks like, right? To 
tempt you, I insert a pic of my chocolate cream instead]

Internet is dangerous: you can sit down to check one thing and then when you look up again it's hours later. One thing leads to the other. While I can spend hours looking at jewellery and beads, one thing that really captures me is recipes. I can suddenly get an idea for something I'd like to bake -- I bake and make desserts rather than cook -- and go off searching for fitting recipes at Google, Matklubben, Pinterest etc. Especially the latter two can make me forget time and space. And sometimes when I don't look for recipes, I'm inspired to share some of my favourites here on the blog. Like I'm doing today.

Hope you enjoy them!


I like chocolate. If you didn't already know that (perhaps from looking at the list of recipes on this blog). When I don't have any delicious chocolate ice cream -- like Berte Glass Kladdkaka -- and have to make due with vanilla or pear, I of cause have to add chocolate sauce instead. As a kid, mom would make a nice sauce with cream, cocoa powder, butter and sugar, but nowadays I prefer chocolate-based recipes.

Note: Different countries have different types of cream. By whipping cream I mean what we in Sweden call vispgrädde, a thick cream with 40 % fat. Two of the recipes below are from UK and aussie books, translated into Swedish. What type of cream was used in the original recipes, I don't know. 


Creamy chocolate sauce
A lovely, rich sauce! Use your favourite quality chocolate: a recipe is never better than the chocolate used. I prefer making it with Odense 36 % milk chocolate. Next time I make this, I'm thinking about adding some Nötcreme. Or why not try to add a spoonful of peanut butter or Nutella?

180 grammes chocolate (white, milk, dark, flavoured)
15 grammes unsalted butter
6 tablespoons whipping cream
(3 tablespoons golden syrup if using dark chocolate)
2-3 pinches vanilla sugar

1. Break or chop the chocolate in pieces.

2. Put all ingredients but the vanilla sugar in a heat resistant bowl (e.g. steel or glass) and place over a sauce pan with simmering water. Don't let the water boil: the steam can ruin the chocolate if it touches it and the chocolate can react badly to being melted too fast.

3. Stir every now and then until the chocolate melts and the sauce is fully mixed.

4. Add the vanilla and serve -- the sauce should be eaten whilst warm as the sauce will harden when it cools down.

Yields about 3 dl sauce.


Snickers sauce
If you love Snickers and milk chocolate, this is the sauce for your ice cream. This one is really heavy and sweet so you only need a small amount for each portion. Even if you just love chocolate sauce, I suggest not doing too much of it the first time. For a less sweet peanut chocolate sauce, see Nigella's recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae -- our new favourite!

4 Snickers bar
2/3 dl milk
1 3/4 dl whipping cream
100 grammes milk chocolate

1. Chop the Snickers bars and chocolate into pieces.

2. On low heat, stir the Snickers in a sauce pan with the milk and cream until the candy bars are melted. Add the chocolate and keep stirring until they too are fully melted.

3. Let the sauce cool slightly and serve lukewarm.

Yields about 5½ dl sauce.


Klasse Kock's chocolate fudge sauce
Klasse Kock (kock = chef) was a character in the TV advent calendar one year. He shared recipes suitable for younger cooks and later some of those recipes and many more were published in books. One of them was called Klasse Kocks godisbok. My sis bought that book and this sauce, called Cool Kolasås, became a favourite. You can probably use a few drops of vanilla extract instead of vanilla sugar if the latter isn't available where you live.

1 dl sugar
½ dl golden syrup
1 dl whipping cream
50 grammes butter
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

1. Mix all of the ingredients except the vanilla sugar in a sauce pan.

2. Let it boil gently at medium heat for 10-30 minutes. Stir every now and then.

3. Add the vanilla sugar and stir well.

4. Serve warm or cold. (Don't boil too long if planning on serving the sauce cold: the sauce hardens a lot when it cools down).

Tips: in the original recipe, the sauce should be boiled for 30 min., but my experience is that the sauce will be too hard if boiling that long. Depending on how fast the sauce thickens, you might want to let it boil for just 10-15 minutes. Keep in mind the sauce will harden when cool if you boil for too long.


PS! My own "Pinterest collection" of recipes can be found here. Warning: lots of chocolate and peanut butter!

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