Thursday, 22 November 2012

A november afternoon

The other day -- well, Monday to be exact, the day I showed the lighthouse pics -- my sis suggested we take the cameras and go for a walk. You know it's soon winter when such a suggestion made around 14:45 in the afternoon makes you rush: you have to hurry in order not to miss the last sunlight of the day. Where did the days go when you could make such a suggestion at nine in the evening and still have time to take pics like the one in my blog header? Now, the sun begins to sink behind the hills already at 15 and the sun sets before four o'clock!

So we had about an hour to go after finding some warmer clothes, appropriate shoes and various cats that wanted to tag along. I got some pics, she got some pics (despite the camera battery slowly dying), we even managed to wait out the sunset -- and the lighthouse as seen in the previous post -- without freezing our fingers off. This time I didn't even get a shock from touching electric fencing like I did last time -- one of the things I go through in the quest for nice scenic photos sometimes during grazing season.*

The photos are in more or less chronological order so if you want sunset pics, you may want to start from the end. Generally, I think the last pics turned out better than the first.

We followed one of the stone walls as you can see. As usual you can see some of the bronze age burial mounds in the last two pics. (Please don't ask we to name them, I can't tell them apart, especially from this vantage point. Pretty much all of them are surrounded by troll-related legends.)

 The most yellow/amber photo of the lot: the late afternoon sun shining down at a hazy field.

Oh, that was a lot of almost similar photos of the sun is beginning to descend over Kullaberg. Or of the twilight to the left of the setting sun, couldn't really focus directly on the sun just yet.

Finally, the sun set behind the hills and trees, adding a beautiful warm colour to those lovely clouds.

The last photos I took on the way back, a far way from the point from which we got the Kullaberg photos and at some point after four o'clock (my camera clock is off, but around 16:10-16:15), with the sun beneath the horizon. That's almost precisely an hour after the first photo in this series. One hour in one day in november 2012.

* = ok, I don't normally stumble into electric fencing. The problem is passing them. Or more precisely, passing fencing where it runs along a stone wall, creating a small gap (at least for a big girl like me) between the wire and stone. If there aren't any openings nearby, you just have to crawl through that gap and last time I did that, I misjudged the gap and was hit by the electricity over my back. Not sure if Julle, who was by my side, got a taste of it too, but I don't think so.


  1. Long hours of darkness give you lots of time for beading! Nice pics.

    1. Thank you! Yes, hopefully it will -- if I don't get stuck on the computer... *innocent look*


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